Email Marketing Service Provider in India

Top Email Marketing Service Provider in India

Digitalaka Provides a lot of time-saving tools that assist you throughout the campaign. Our chosen products will save your time on any task. List management tools, Email Design, Professional layouts, marketing automation, and drag-and-drop email editors make the process with complex elements trouble-free. Additionally, an Email Marketing Service Provider can automatically let out those processes, which take a lot of time.

Top Email Marketing Service Provider in India

Mainly, if you are generating ads on a vast scale, you can save your precious hours. The key objective of an Email Marketing Agency in India is to run fully productive campaigns with minimum effort.


Let’s go over the critical characteristics of Email Marketing Service Providers in India to figure out which tools and products will provide you with the best bang for your buck. Digitalaka is one of the best Email Marketing Companies in India, Noida, Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore, Chennai, Kolkata, Gurugram & more cities in India.

What we offer with our Email Marketing Services?

Digitalaka is professional in providing email marketing platforms to companies and agencies who want to grow their business. Digitalaka also provides data as per their requirements of clients from school data to students and lawyers data to city house owners of particular cities. We also provide IP warmup Email Marketing Services India & top email marketing companies to boost your email deliverability ratio which is very important if you are starting any email campaign for the very first time. Some of the important services offered by our companies are listed below.

Email Template Design

Digitalaka’s dedicated team is always ready to design your beautiful email template for bulk email marketing.

Campaign Creation

Whether you need a Customer list upload or Market research, you can relay on us.

Email sending Strategy

Sending email to the right person at the right time is the key factor of successful campaign.

Features To Watch Out For

How do Email Marketing Agencies Work?

Inside Campaign Insights

Inside campaign details are like juice that can help in boosting your campaign. To get to them, all you have to do is visit the overview section in your dashboard.
How do Email Marketing Agencies Work?

Marketing Templates

Brand messages are delivered perfectly when you have a pre-made marketing template designed already. Use our top-notch marketing solutions to get access to thousands of pre-made designs.
How do Email Marketing Agencies Work?

Tracking Actions

From finding out whether an email was opened or not to checking the delivery rate, you can track everything to make your email campaign a huge success.
How do Email Marketing Agencies Work?

Email Scheduling

For certain things, there is always a suitable time. The same applies to the scheduling of email marketing campaigns. When you do it, you are implementing your strategy perfectly in advance.

Benefits of Email Marketing Agency in India

Benefits of Email Marketing Agency in India

Low costs

One of the major benefits is that it is less expensive than traditional marketing platforms. There are no expenditures forRead More
Benefits of Email Marketing Agency in India

Drive revenue

Email Marketing Service Provider in India are best when it comes to capitalizing on spontaneous purchases. Not many marketing systems that Read More
Benefits of Email Marketing Agency in India

Easy sharing

Subscribers can easily share fantastic offers and deals with their friends by simply clicking a button. Email marketing unlike other marketing

Read More

Benefits of Email Marketing Agency in India

Global Reach

Email marketing platform allows you to convey a message to millions or billions of people worldwide in a matter of seconds doubt, social

Read More

Benefits of Email Marketing Agency in India

Instant Impact

Due to the accessibility of email, a company can notice benefits within minutes after sending an email. A 24-hour deal is an excellent strategy,

Read More

Benefits of Email Marketing Agency in India

Easy to measure

Another significant benefit of email marketing is the ease of discovering where you are doing wrong. Most of the software for email marketingRead More


Finding an Email Marketing Company in India where everyone in your organization can get help without any difficulty is critical unless your team members are marketers and developers. Be attentive while you browse through the pre-set procedures and templates provided by individual Email Marketing Services India.


Are you planning to use them, or will you make your unique templates? When you leave their pre-set paths, certain Email Marketing Service Provider in India lose their claimed ease-of-use quality. Email marketing is still a useful way to send messages to many people at once through email.

If your system has graphic design tools for creating emails and work routines, that is a huge bonus. People who require this service can utilize a simple-to-learn editor immediately. The best thing is that they do not require any training to access the tools and are not forced to wait for people with the editor’s knowledge.

The finest Email Marketing Services Provider provides support, walkthroughs, and documentation to educate consumers and guarantee how user-friendly their product is. It’s a red sign if evaluations direct that customer service is slow or that answers are challenging to come by.

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Our Email Marketing Service Provider Pricing



Sending Limit

25k Emails



Sending Limit

50k Emails



Sending Limit

100k Emails



Sending Limit

200K Emails

Implementation and Integration

A crucial point to consider is how well your email marketing agency in India will integrate with your current stack. Solutions that interface with those products that you already use can help you overcome the issues and get the service with fewer hassles in the future, especially in CRM software and other client data sources.

Deliverability of Email

Your emails must make it to the inbox of your intended recipient Period. If you don’t have a high deliverability rate, your email efforts are doomed, significantly less than 95%. Deliverability is ensured in two ways by all the best Email Marketing Service Providers in India. They use SenderID, DKIM, and SPF on the backend to verify emails.


They collaborate with Internet Service Providers to ensure that the IP addresses of the customer are not blacklisted. Professional email marketing is a strategic and effective approach to reaching and engaging your target audience through well-crafted email campaigns.


It involves the utilization of data-driven segmentation, compelling content, and meticulous email tracking and analysis to build and maintain strong relationships with subscribers, promote brand awareness, drive conversions, and ultimately achieve your business goals.

Furthermore, good platforms will offer pre-made email templates consistent with privacy and anti-spam legislation and are visually captivating.

Email Marketing Agencies In India assist you in creating captivating subject lines and intriguing content that attract customers to check and open your emails.


Leading Email Marketing Service Provider in India means being the best at sending and managing drop email content to reach and connect with people. Digitalaka provides email marketing services, which means they help businesses send and manage email marketing needs to reach their customers and promote their products or services.

Customer Journeys and Email Automation

The level of expertise your work operations can handle is one of the most distinguishing (or restricting) elements of Email Marketing India. Entry-level solutions can assist you in automating the bunch of emails to welcome new subscribers and other comparable activities.

Email marketing automation is a way to send emails to lots of people without doing it all by hand. It uses computer programs to send the right emails to the right people at the right time, making it easier and more efficient to connect with customers and promote your business.


Bulk email marketing services also offer subscriber management tools that prevent spamming and keep your list clean. You’ll need more powerful email marketing tools to introduce additional conditional or rational triggers that split or branch the client journey into more personalized and customized paths of marketing and technology. Knowing about the target audience is essential.

Customer Journeys and Email Automation

Products with solid list segmentation capabilities will gather a wealth of information about your clients, allowing your automation to be more precisely targeted. For instance, segmentation is critical to your capacity to automate personalized communications.


To ensure that customers only receive communications for the things they are concerned about, you may configure work operations triggers that focus on customers according to their involvement, shopping behavior, and other trends.

Subscriber Management


The email marketing services

Include a plethora of tools for managing their list of subscribers. They can assist you in the following ways:

Generate leads

Landing pages, Lead generation pop-ups, and other multi-channel technologies can help you make new contacts and start conversations.

Import Lists

CRM’s contact lists and other databases can be integrated seamlessly.

Keep the list clean

Make a list of everything you need to get done, like identifying spam traps and inactive subscribers that impede deliverability. So, identify them and remove them.

List segmentation

Subscribers can be automatically grouped depending on various factors, including their location, time zone, and how they joined up and subscribed.

Ways to achieve a productive best Email Marketing Deliverability rate

All of the email newsletter tools mentioned in this article have very high email deliverability rates. Also, there are several steps that you can take to ensure the deliverability of marketing emails. These are:

Ways to achieve a productive best Email Marketing Deliverability rate

Using professional Email ID: Spam detection algorithms are built into email services like Outlook, Gmail, etc. These algorithms also detect the sender’s email address. A business must use a business email address like [email protected] rather than a generic Gmail or Hotmail address. This will ensure that your email marketing solutions deliverability rate exceeds the industry standard.


Sending interest-based targeted emails: It is critical to tailor your emails according to user segments. Using Email Marketing Service Providers in India like HubSpot and Constant Contact makes it simple to divide your subscribers into categories like active, inactive, custom segments, interested in specific themes, and so on. This offers some of the best you get the best click-through rates and open rates for your email marketing initiatives, which is a significant element in email deliverability in the future.

We always urge you to send a personalized and unique welcome email with the help of our Email Marketing Services Providers in Noida to all your new subscribers and then branch these subscribers according to their needs and interests. Check our ultimate step-by-step guide to constructing a successful campaign for email marketing.


We always urge you to send a personalized and unique welcome email to all your new subscribers and then branch these subscribers according to their needs and interests. Check our ultimate step-by-step guide to construct a successful campaign for email marketing.

FAQs on Email Marketing Services

We have answered a lot of queries after assisting thousands of people in selecting quality email marketing software.
Some of the FAQs related to Email marketing services are answered below –

Is it possible to send bulk emails from Outlook or Gmail?

Yes, in theory. However, the chances of getting the email accounts suspended is high if you do this. Outlook, Gmail, and G Suite are not designed for sending a massive number of emails. They are a fantastic way to send professional business emails.

Is email valuable marketing for SEO?

There is no direct effect of Email marketing services in India on search engine optimization. But it can increase the website traffic, which can result in additional shares and, in some cases, mentions and backlinks. Comments and shares are used by most of the search engines, including Google, to rank different websites. Consequently, email marketing can indirectly enhance your website’s rankings. To boost your ranks, you might also consider excellent WordPress tools and SEO plugins.

How many times should I send emails for marketing?

As often as possible without becoming obnoxious. You can send emails frequently, but not so repeatedly that people unsubscribe or, worse, classify these emails as spam. Regrettably, it varies depending on the type of business. One email per month is more than enough for some. On the other hand, sending emails daily is sufficient for others. Ultimately, it is a matter of trial and error to see what works best for your targeted audience.

What are the benefits of using Digitalaka email marketing services in India?

Using Digitalaka email marketing services in India can help you reach a large audience at a low cost, increase customer engagement and conversions, and track the effectiveness of your campaigns. We also offer features such as segmentation, personalization, and A/B testing, which can improve the relevance and impact of your emails.

Can I track the performance of my email campaigns using digitalaka's email marketing services

Yes, We offer analytics and reporting features that allow you to track the performance of your email campaigns, including open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

What is the cost of email marketing?

The cost of email marketing will be determined totally by the subscriber count you have, the email software you are using, and the overall number of emails you send each month. Small businesses should expect to spend between $20 and $300 every month on email marketing if they run their campaigns. If you hire an agency for email marketing, your monthly costs could be as high as $500.

What should I do to increase the number of subscribers on my subscriber list?

Offering an incentive in return for signing up is the most nuanced approach to creating your subscriber list. You may promote this deal on your website, on landing web pages, and on your social media accounts. This will result in maximum sign-ups, and your leads will qualify themselves.

When and how should I send my emails for marketing?

The appropriate to this question varies from one company to the next. It requires a trial-and-error method and several testing. This testing method is the most excellent method to figure out what is best suited. Generally, people open their emails in the morning time and on weekends. But again, it may vary as the habits of your audience may differ. It is advisable to experiment and decide according to the collected statistics.

What types of email campaigns can I send through an email marketing service platform in India?

You can send various types of email campaigns through an email marketing service in India, including promotional emails, newsletters, welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, and customer feedback emails.

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