Best SMTP Server Provider in UK

Best SMTP Server Provider in UK

Best SMTP Server Provider in UK

Best SMTP Server Provider in UKWhenever one sends messages through an Email SMTP server provider, it gets connected to the SMTP server and further email deliverability by it to the right recipient. For this, this SMTP server first finds the recipient address, links the whole path, and completes the process.


If your business prospect needs to be extended bulk email marketing services, then it is better to take the aid of an Email marketing reseller program as well as SMTP Relay Service. This helps you in achieving the required target and all your emails get delivered to the recipient address for sure. None of the messages end up in the spam folder. Above all of this, you also obtain high-speed delivery with reasonable accuracy. The best part of using these solutions is through SMTP IP address which is a simple mail transfer protocol, that sends messages from a queue, and in the case of a failed transmission, they get retired for its delivery. The various advantages of using these pitch-perfect solutions have made these more desirable for business houses to carry out their marketing campaign. But, before trying any such services, one needs to make sure that they choose a reliable mass mail service provider, which offers only authentic solutions and that too at reasonable rates.


Email Campaigns are one of the most commonly used communication tools out there. Whether you’re a business or an individual, emailing is essential to your day-to-day operations. But what if something happened to your email server? How can you continue sending emails to your customers? This page will explore how you can find and choose an Email SMTP Server Provider in Cambridge, London, Manchester, and Edinburg. From there, you can keep your email list flowing without any hitches.

Service Offered by SMTP Service provider

Email Template Design

Digitalaka’s dedicated team is always ready to design a beautiful email template.

Campaign Creation

Whether you need a Customer list upload or Market research, you can relay on us.

Email sending Strategy

Sending email to the right person at the right time is the key factor of successful campaign

What is the best Email SMTP Server Provider?

What is the best Email SMTP Server Provider?SMTP server is an email delivery service that allows you to send and receive messages using email. SMTP servers can be used by businesses to send and receive emails from their customers or clients. ISPs also use SMTP servers to deliver emails to their subscribers.

How does an Email SMTP Server work?

An email SMTP server provider is a service that helps send and receive emails from a remote location. An SMTP Server Provider in Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, London, and Cambridge handles the complexities of email client communication, such as authentication, routing, and delivery. Email is sent through the best smtp service provider to send a message. The sender’s email address, the recipient’s email address, and any other necessary information needed to send the email is entered into the SMTP server. SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. SMTP Email Service then sends a request to the mail server where the email is being sent to send the message. The mail server then sends back an email reply saying that it has received and processed the message.

Types of Best Email SMTP Server Providers

The three main types of email servers are SMTP, IMAP, and POP3. SMTP is the most common type of server and is used to send mail between computers. IMAP is used to store mail on a server so that people can access it using a web browser. POP3 is used to send large messages over the internet.


SMTP Servers: SMTP servers are the most common email server type and are used to send mail between computers. They use TCP Port 25 for sending and receiving mail.


Pros: SMTP servers are relatively easy to set up and use. They are also generally fast and reliable.


How to Choose an SMTP Email Server Provider?

When it comes to choosing an Email SMTP Server Provider in Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, London, and Cambridge there are many factors to consider. First and foremost, you need to decide what type of email service you need. There are three main types of email services: hosted, managed, or self-hosted.


  • Hosted services – The provider manages all aspects of the email delivery for you.
  • Managed services – The provider manages your mailbox but also offers additional features such as spam filtering and content management tools.
  • Self-hosted services – give you full control over your email server and mailbox.


Once the type of service you need is decided, you should consider your budget. The two most important factors when budgeting for an email server are the number of emails that will be delivered per day and the size of your email server. For hosted services, both metrics are usually predetermined by the SMTP Server Provider Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, London, and Cambridge for managed services, depending on the package offered, one or both metrics may be adjustable. For self-hosted servers, both metrics can be adjusted depending on your needs and preferences.

Features of the best SMTP Email Server

One of these is the ability to monitor and log activity. This can be done via either system or application logs, or by using specific mail logging tools.
In addition, professional email servers should have mechanisms in place to rotate user passwords periodically, as well as to automatically detect and prevent spammers from signing up for accounts.
Finally, it is important to have a robust spam filtering solution in place to identify and remove spam before it reaches your users

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15k Emails



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30k Emails



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50k Emails

PLAN 100k


Sending Limit

100K Emails

Why Email Marketing is Important

Why Email Marketing is Important

Cost efficiency

Depending on the company size and mailing services requirement, using mass email marketing can be quite cost-saving. Now how does it save your money? Remember that time when you used to distribute leaflets as a part of your promotional campaign. With a bulk email service, you can do the same and reach the targeted audience at a very less price. Now, how much would it cost you to send a mail, absolutely nothing, right! However, the only price you need to pay is for the server that helps you send mass emails for your business, whether it is small or enterprises
Why Email Marketing is Important

Better targeting

While creating a marketing strategy, targeting is a vital part. If the targeting is weak, your emails will land in the mailboxes of the wrong people, thereby resulting in the failure of the whole plan. Using the best bulk email services, you can quickly achieve the highest level of targeting. Further, you can also send fully customized messages to your customers, thus, proving to be the most effective targeting tool.
Why Email Marketing is Important

Higher customer receptivity

When compared with other direct marketing media, direct mail marketing services are way powerful in reaching the desired audience. Yes, TV and radio services have the ability to let your brand reach millions, but there is no question that they have low receptivity. How many people are listening to or watching the promotional content on radio or TV? Quite low, but with email services, you can have a one-to-one meeting directly with the customer. Plus, you may also define your audience and reach them directly.
Why Email Marketing is Important


Personalization makes email marketing more appealing. Digitalaka’s Email blast service lets you personalize the emails you send to your contacts. Personalization can only be done with the help of the data of your email contacts. Personalization results in a higher interaction rate while sending emails in bulk.

FAQs of Bulk Email Services

What is an email SMTP server provider?

An Email SMTP Server Provider in Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, London, or Cambridge is a company or individual that provides you with a reliable, secure, and scalable email platform for sending and receiving emails. They provide the necessary software, hardware, and support to make your emailing experience easy and efficient.

How do I choose an email SMTP server provider?

The factors include price, usability, features offered, reliability, scalability, and support. You should also consider whether the provider offers a tailored solution for your specific needs.

I need an email server, but don't know where to start. Can you help?

Yes, we can help you decide which email server is best for your business. Our experts will help you choose the right provider and configure it properly on your account.

What are some common reasons why people use email SMTP servers?

Email users may use an SMTP Server Provider Bristol, Brimigham, Manchester, London, Cambridge to send and receive emails for various reasons. These reasons can include:

-To improve security: Email servers provide a secure platform for transmitting messages. By using an email SMTP server, you can ensure that your messages are safe from interception and theft.

-To save on bandwidth usage: Email servers can help you reduce bandwidth usage by caching messages on their servers. This can reduce the load on your own computer system when sending or receiving large amounts of emails.

-To improve performance: Email servers can speed up the delivery of messages by handling bulk mail processing tasks automatically.

Do I need a hosting plan with Email SMTP Server Provider?

No, you do not need a hosting plan with us. We provide all the services you need to set up and run an email server.