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10 Best Bulk Email Service Providers in India (2024)
March 27, 2024
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10 Best SMTP Relay Service Providers for Startup (2024)

SMTP Relay Service Providers

In 2024, startups will undoubtedly need a steady and reliable system of email delivery services to set their business up and provide future support by loyal customers. SMTP relay service providers are best characterized by an approach where they strive to meet the specific needs of start-ups and maintain fast and highly safe email delivery.


These services maintain the deliverability rate and opt for security measures and integration efforts to enable effective messaging transmission. They render a fully responsible client service to address the issues and make the email campaigns effective in terms of results.

10 Best SMTP Relay Service Providers for Startup (2024)

Now, let’s have a look at the 10 Best SMTP Relay Service Providers for Startup in 2024. Here is the complete details about all the top 10 SMTP Relay service providers:




Digitalaka the Best SMTP relay service provider arises from an unmatched level of reliability, exceptionally high deliverability, and scalability. Through Digitalaka’s SMTP relay services, businesses can have confidence their messages will get to an inbox on time thus, minimizing the likelihood of their messages getting tagged as spam. 




It provides highly sophisticated features like real-time tracking of delivery and management of bounces allowing users to take their email campaigns a notch higher with improved effectiveness. In addition, the primary concern is to guarantee data security and compliance, ensuring that the emails align with industry standards and regulations concerning privacy. Digitalaka, backed by timely customer support, smooth integration features and the ultimate goal of meeting customers’ satisfaction, is undeniably chosen as the best ally for businesses that require reliable mail delivery services.


Pricing Plans of Digitalaka


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Brevo has become a top bulk email service provider, expanding its performance areas well beyond the known email marketing into bulk SMS Marketing and WhatsApp marketing as well as live chat features. This stands out from others because of its incredible 88% delivery rate. For this, we have vast experience behind us to back our emails. Thus, (also) like SendPulse, Brevo comes with the email-credits-for-sale option, thus turning out ideal for brands looking for more affordable marketing alternatives.


SMTP Relay Service Providers



Brevo in addition offers several setup options such as email API, webhook or plugin integration and thus caters to a wide spectrum of company requirements. Not only does its compatibility with most of the CMS platforms and major eCommerce platforms extend its versatility, making Brevo an absolute solution for those who wish to use a single marketing effort across various online channels.


Pricing Plans of Brevo

You can check the pricing plan on their website.




With a powerful infrastructure and enhanced features, SMTPGet makes sure that emails are delivered on time thus providing organizations with no delays or disturbances in their channels of communication. Its high deliverability rates enable messages to show up in recipients’ inboxes, hence, adding to the campaign’s effectiveness. Furthermore, SMTPGet’s dedicated SMTP server focuses on the issue of security by implementing encryption protocols and rigorous security measures for the protection of sensitive data and prevention from unauthorized access. 


SMTP Relay Service Providers


Besides, SMTPGet provides users with customizable options on configuration settings to meet their requirements and preferences. Whether you are a small startup or a big company, SMTPGet offers you a flexible scaling that can meet your growing requests. SMTPGet offers various technical features such as dependable customer support and a user-friendly interface which makes it an efficient and trouble-free solution for SMTP relay services.


Pricing Plans of smtpget


You can check all pricing plans on SMTPget’s site.




Through an SMTP relay service provider that is simultaneously capable of being used as standard and a tailored SMTP API for custom delivery of emails, SendGrid was created for all sorts of email communication needs. SendGrid, apart from the fact being able to trust it as an email delivery instrument, fulfills all the other needs as well, such as helping you design a customizable template as the first step towards a successful campaign, creating user-friendly signup forms, using an email automation that is easy to do, and tracking statistics in full. Nonetheless, what gives SendGrid a sort of edge over other competitors’ support systems cannot be compared with the quality of service.


SMTP Relay Service Providers


 With this team comprised of more than 130 years of combined email expertise, SendGrid provides not only your marketing team with the most advanced communications toolset but also helps with the quickest consultation and subsequent ongoing consulting services ensuring your deliverability rates and our platform is in ideal shape. 


You will have a chance to use the vast strategic solutions and quick action that SendGrid offers which can in turn help businesses and brands achieve email marketing perfection.

Pricing Plans of SendGrid

You can check all pricing plans on the SendGrid Site.


Amazon SES

Amazon is already way beyond the computer screen a place where buying and selling goods factor into sales generating the income at all, since it includes many revenue-generating chances. Despite the reputation of the affiliate programs and advertising services of Amazon, the strategy is equipped with a diverse range of instruments that support marketing.

SMTP Relay Service Providers

In case, an individual or group is searching for assistance only in the field of email marketing, undoubtedly, Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) will satisfy their needs. Beyond the SMTP interface and API capabilities, Amazon SES can send emails using any language mentioned above that supports SMTP.


Beyond that, Amazon SES finishes with a set of features to track and optimize email campaigns, including a dedicated deliverability manager and out-of-the-box deliverability enhancement implementation. Such use cases as bulk email campaigns or directing time-sensitive notifications Amazon SES is designed to address a wide list of options.


Pricing Plans of Amazon SES




iDealSMTP enjoys its reputation of being amongst the best SMTP Email Relay Services in the market because it provides high-quality service that is reliable, secure, delivers emails, is scalable, easy to use, and offers great customer support. The strong structure and the superior accuracy of delivery features help the email reach its destination on time without the risk of becoming lost or delayed. IdealSMTP boasts of increased deliverability rates. Thus, this increases the chances of emails landing in the recipient’s inbox and not being filtered as spam. 


SMTP Relay Service Providers


Security is a number one priority, and idealSMTP implements multiple encryption protocols and security measures to ensure this. Whether you are a small company or struggling with a large enterprise, our scalable platforms adapt seamlessly to the increasing number of users. The intuitiveness of its interfaces and user-friendliness features ease the email delivery process that fits either experienced or inexperienced email marketers. 


Pricing Plans of idealsmtp

You can their Pricing Plans on their site.




Whether you run an agency handling several clients or are a sole founder who carefully nurtures a startup, this Postmark app, by ActiveCampaign, becomes a powerful ally of any professional and a member of your team dealing with emails. Inside its long list of features rests an airtight SMTP service that is reinforced with end-to-end encryption to ensure the safety of data. The reason behind the popularity of Postmark lies not solely in the fact of its security, but in its speed, with its globally located SMTP infrastructure and endpoints strategically dispersed in different regions that aggravate the performance of Postmark.


SMTP Relay Service Providers


Postmark, which is a very big deal, stands out because it helps to deliver and open emails at the best time without having to pay extra charges. With an extremely attentive spam filter that looks for novel senders to filter out spam bot script writers, Postmark keeps a shiny sender reputation which translates into consistent rates without the need for a dedicated IP address. What makes Postmark unique is that it is a brand-new tech that sorts out promotional and regular messages into message streams that guarantee that your emails reach their target number exactly.


Pricing Plans of Postmark

You can their Pricing Plans on their site.




So here comes Moosend, the smart solution aimed at small business owners who need an essential email marketing platform. Apart from its cost-effectiveness, Moosend offers a broad range of features that distinguish it from its close alternatives. The service has great reporting and analytics tools, which let users know how the marketing campaigns that they have sent via the SMTP service are performing. Speaking of this, Moosend performance indicators have gathered praise from the experts and they rank them a bit higher than the average rated by G2.


SMTP Relay Service Providers


One of the many benefits that Moosend users cherish is the outstanding speed and robustness which are critical for the smooth operation of email campaigns. The platform’s drip campaigns and event-triggered action features consolidate the service’s power, giving businesses the ability to develop targeted and timely communication for their audience. Another, Moosend’s powerful list management feature simplifies the process of organizing and segmenting subscriber lists, in turn, improving the efficacy of future campaigns.


Pricing Plans of Moosend


You can their Pricing Plans on their site.




Mailgun is establishing itself as a well-known and common brand in the field of transactional email software. Famous for the robust SMTP relay service, Mailgun eliminates the need for businesses to operate their in-house mail servers for the delivery of both transactional and marketing emails. The outcome is usually cost and time-effective.


SMTP Relay Service Providers


The setup process is streamlined: our service just requires you to provide the name of your domain and then your information is right in your account in no time. If the amount of emails you send is increasing, quicker processes are achieved when you switch to their email API. Mailgun’s sends mail API has gotten a lot of positive reviews for its great speed performance.


In terms of support, Mailgun customers can leverage technical account managers whose goal is to offer personalized, customized hands-on help. In contrast, users can utilize Mailgun’s logging functions, and analytics to have insight on the entire email journey, track activities, and measure user or customer engagement appropriately.


Pricing Plans of Mailgun


You can their Pricing Plans on their site.




Mailjet is given an easy-to-use SMTP relay server provider for free which helps any platform to connect smoothly. The settings up are indeed fast and simple, and it is a matter of updating the SMTP server settings with the credentials that Mailjet will provide you with, thus transforming their server into either a “smart host” or “relay”. In case you experience any difficulties, the support team of Mailjet’s specialists on deliverability will be there to provide you with advice on the matter.


SMTP Relay Service Providers


Besides an easy setup, Mailjet stands out from the crowd by delivering flexibility and handling any number of ports, thus raising connection quality to a high level. Furthermore, the SMTP server of the Mailjet will apply the Link trackers without problem and this will cause the campaign performance tracking to operate better.


What makes Mailjet stand out on top of its impeccable sender reputation and inescapable reliability are the range of its resources and benefits which are also greatly appreciated by its users. The monitoring capability Mailjet offers is quite comprehensive for example surveys and third-party applications all can be integrated seamlessly into the system making Mailjet the ultimate shopping solution.


Pricing Plans of Mailjet

You can their Pricing Plans on their site.

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