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March 23, 2018
SMTP – A Faster and Simpler Way For Transfer Emails
March 23, 2018
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Solve your Problems Related to Email Marketing Through SMTP Server

There is a standard protocol which is called SMTP Server that is provided by DigitalAka for bulk email marketing. The sending and receiving ability of email messages is provided by this server. It is such type of protocol which can transfer and deliver the emails through the internet. Maintenance of SMTP servers is done through the internet engineering test force.

RFC 821 and RFC 2821 are the other names of this protocol or server. For email communications, this is a very common and popular protocol that works over the internet. Whenever you send an email through the internet, firstly SMTP server connects with it and then delivers this message to the recipient.

Very simple commands like HELLO, MAIL, and DATA etc can also understand by this server. It looks after all the mail message that is going over the internet. Transport of mail message defined by SMTP, it doesn’t define the mail message content. Authentication of clients requires modern SMTP SERVER.

Advantages of Configuring SMTP Server for Email Marketing:-

Its simplicity

You can deliver your message from one computer to another in a particular network very easily through communication. You just have to write your message and it will get delivered to the recipient email address by this server. This is not a complicated process.

Delivery of the mail very quickly

The sending of email over the internet may be easier and very quick because it is developed from a very simple platform. If your SMTP is working and in new condition, you can expect that your mail transfers very quickly.


Transfer of messages reliability also offers by this server. In any case, where the mail message is not transferred to the recipient the SMTP server looks after it to send the message to the recipient. If you are looking for a reliable SMTP Server provider then you should definitely check out digitalaka.

Dedicated server options

SMTP has an effective feature and is very simple due to some of these things it is commonly used the server.

Maintenance of report and track mail

In business, the SMTP server is very important because the status of emails can track with the help of this.

Reltively Cheaper

Sending emails via SMTP is relatively cheaper than sending it through email sending tools but to use SMTP for email you must have good volume.

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