The Effects Of Outbound SMTP On Email Distribution
The Effects Of Outbound SMTP On Email Distribution
August 8, 2022
Set up SMTP Server
Step by Step guide to setup SMTP Server in 10 steps(2023)
March 6, 2023
The Effects Of Outbound SMTP On Email Distribution
The Effects Of Outbound SMTP On Email Distribution
August 8, 2022
Set up SMTP Server
Step by Step guide to setup SMTP Server in 10 steps(2023)
March 6, 2023
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Top 7 Reasons Why You Need to Clean your Email List

Clean your Email List

Your email list has grown to a large number of subscribers. It’s time to clean the house and get rid of any subscribers who are no longer profitable.  Open rates,  Deliverability, and click rates will all benefit from clean your email list. Your future bulk email marketing services initiatives will be more successful if these metrics are improved. This is because a lower proportion of loyal subscribers — those who read and connect with your content and brand regularly — are more valuable than a broader list of contacts who never check your email.

In truth, lists with a large number of inactive email addresses have more excellent bounce rates, spam complaints, and unsubscribe rates than lists without. Furthermore, internet service providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo will punish you if you continue to send emails to people who do not open them. If you do this often enough, your emails may eventually end up inside the spam folder, reducing your chances of reaching those who truly want to get your material.

And how often should you clean email list? It will differ from list to list, but a rule of thumb is every six months — but no more than a year. It may seem scary to get rid of subscribers. Still, a small list of highly involved subscribers is significantly more beneficial to you than a huge specific audience who has never opened your emails. Are you prepared to begin? Here’s a complete explanation of why and how to clean up email.

What does “cleaning your email list” imply?

Cleaning your email list, simply expressed, is the process of eliminating inactive or incorrect email addresses from your mailing list. This is accomplished by removing all users that have not viewed any of your emails in a specific period. ‘Cold’ subscribers are the recipients of these emails and for cold emailing digitalaka SMTP server provider for bulk email is the best solution for all your needs.

On a separate note, you must first have a mailing list to clean it. If you don’t already have an email collection tool, check out Idealsmtp Email Marketing. Our program allows you to gather emails from your audience using stunning pre-made templates, segment leads, and automate numerous monotonous chores.

Why is it necessary to clean the email list?

Email lists deteriorate with time. Not all of the email addresses in your list will remain active indefinitely. The reasons differ.  It’s possible that a lead joined up with a work mail account and subsequently changed jobs. Or they just do not use this email account any longer. Then there’s the issue of ‘cold’ or inactive subscribers. These are people who’ve already signed up for your mailing list and have yet to open one of your emails.

Neither of these forms of contact will help you build a profitable email list. You’ll be able to establish a more engaged audience by regularly purging your mailing list of invalid and inactive subscribers.

So don’t delay. Here are 7 strong reasons why you should clean your mailing list right now:


Increase the number of emails delivered

Deliverability is the superstar of email statistics, attracting all the attention and Google searches. However, it is deserving of the majority of your focus; a strong deliverability rate indicates that you must be doing many key things correctly.

Your reputation among internet service providers suffers as the deliverability rate falls (ISPs). A bad reputation will further reduce your deliverability. Clean your email list regularly to remove inaccurate information make sure you read 9 Best Email Marketing Books to Read In 2023 and store your Elite stat appearing polished and healthy to avoid this death cycle.

Locate the Inbox

It doesn’t imply you’re in the clear just because the deliverability rates appear to be high. If the email hygiene isn’t up to par, a few of those emails will almost certainly end up in junk mail bins.

According to Return Path’s data, 79 percent of emails sent in 2016 made it to their intended inbox, while 13 percent of all emails sent winded up in spam folders. Only around 1% of the mail routed to the garbage folder is discovered by the subscriber and returned to the inbox.

So what was the moral of this story and how to clean your email list? If you want your campaign to be successful, you’ll have to make your route to the inbox.

Inbox placement rates are influenced by email design best practices, but email list cleaning is also necessary for a successful inboxing strategy. If your organization is renowned for delivering to unresponsive, closed, or inactive email addresses, your emails are more likely to be reported and forwarded to the garbage folder, regardless of how appropriate your subject line is.


Complainers & spam traps should be avoided.

Spam traps, often termed honeypots, are legitimate email addresses set up specifically to capture spammers at work. They could get you blocked by ISPs and it’s like kryptonite for the sender score.

The finest email verification services keep their database of known spam traps up to date so you don’t get caught in one. No provider can guarantee that all spam traps will be removed from your lists. However, adhering to email collection best practices and doing frequent list cleaning will keep you off the ISP’s radar.


Improved data quality leads to effective methods.

It feels amazing to achieve email-gathering goals. Have you just hit 500,000 contacts in your company’s database? That’s fantastic! But it’s nothing but vanity if you keep expired leads in the database only to boost your numbers. And it’s affecting your deliverability.

Making difficult decisions is sometimes part of a smart plan. Swallow your pride and eliminate inaccurate addresses from your list, so that you can begin to make good strategic decisions for the company based on reliable data.


Bounce Rate Reduction

The bounce rate seems to be a key indicator of the health of the email list in Bulk email Marketing Services

List cleaning reduces your bounce rate by deleting invalid, discontinued, and phony emails, which account for the majority of hard bounces, as well as detecting problematic emails that could result in more hard or soft bounces.

If the bounce rate exceeds 3 to 5%, it will have an immediate negative effect on both deliverability & inboxing rates. The delivery rates might start to drop drastically at 8% to 10%.

Furthermore, certain email service providers in india like idealsmtp, have their algorithms, which will terminate your account if you simply exceed the industry’s normal bounce rate.

Learn How to create your Email Newsletters for Bulk Email Services?


Keep your reputation safe.

Undeliverable emails & spam traps can quickly degrade your sender’s reputation. The internet is similar to high school in that if you have a negative reputation, it travels fast. You will soon be prohibited from accessing the inboxes you desire.

You also have more than one reputation for safeguarding. The email sender’s reputation used to be all about your server’s reputation. While server reputation remains crucial, keeping an eye on your domain’s reputation is equally important today.

Your domain reputation is permanent and follows you everywhere you go if you move servers or email service providers—and therefore plays an increasingly important role in deliverability.

A terrible domain reputation has an impact on your marketing efforts as well as the sales and customer care teams’ everyday correspondence, which may end up in clients’ garbage folders.

Clean up your email data on a regular basis to remove any questionable addresses and protect your reputation. Digitalaka is one of the best SMTP server provider for bulk email in India


Reduce the cost of mailing

Would you switch email providers in order to save 22 percent on the annual bill? If that’s the case, why are you squandering money by sending it to an unclean email list? 

As people change professions, change locations, or otherwise leave the digital sphere, email data deteriorate at a rate of roughly 22% per year. You’re spending to send an email to addresses that are no longer current if you haven’t cleansed the list in a year. This is something neither we nor your accountant recommends.

Digitalaka also provides a reseller program for anyone who has an interest in email marketing and wants to serve clients in their own city can join Digitalaka Bulk Email reseller services and work for themselves.

Wrapping up

Cleaning the email list will yield instant positive benefits, allowing you to get more bang for your buck in time, creativity, energy, and money spent on mailing efforts.

Invalid data has a cumulative effect, so don’t wait until you see the consequences.

Clean up your email list now, or even before your upcoming email campaign, to avoid far worse problems later.Email marketing company in India like digitalaka, sendinblue, and mailmarketer can help you rapidly and accurately clean your email list. Sign up now to clean up your mailing list and if you want to start being in the email marketing business then digitalaka itself provides bulk email reseller services in India and their support system is sufficient to solve any query at all levels.

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