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How to create your Email Newsletters for Bulk Email Services
July 17, 2019
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13 Best Bulk(Mass) email Marketing Services Companies in 2023

13 best Bulk Email Marketing Services Companies

13 Best Bulk Email Marketing Service Companies Small business

The email was the first thing to be used as a marketing tool when the technology was not so enhanced. Despite many things nowadays like social media, video websites, and many other things, email is still considered the king in the field of marketing. Many companies in the world help their clients to send bulk emails to their customers. These top and best email service-providing companies charge a monthly fee for the services that they provide. Besides emails, the company also provides the services of sending newsletters, brochures, lists of new products and services and many other things in the email. In this article, we will discuss these companies in detail.


Digital Aka

Digitalaka is one of the popular websites, which people can access for availing bulk email marketing services in India or anywhere across the globe. These services include bulk email services, reseller email marketing, Supper reseller email marketing and many more. Businesses can contact the website through email and phone and enquire about the services. The companies are attracted to the website because the best services are provided at an affordable rate. The services under email marketing include planning, implementing, and applying the solution, which is needed for the organizations to grow their businesses. The company is known as the best bulk email service provider. Its services to all types of businesses whether small, medium, or large.


  • Send newsletters and create targeted email campaigns.
  • Send mail with the help of an email message template
  • Helps in promoting all kinds of business whether small, medium or large
  • Customized Price plans are available in US dollars and Indian rupees.
  • Best Know for 24*7 Support in the Industry. Best in the Industry!


SMTPget is a global company based in the United States. All types of businesses can contact the agency and avail its services. The services provided by this website include SMTP relay services, bulk email services and an email list database. There are different payment plans and people can choose the one required for their company. Bulk email services and SMTP server services are the services provided by this company.


  • SMTP server can be easily configured to any email marketing Software.
  • Free trial available
  • Bandwidth is great and a spam filter is also available.
  • High security
  • Allow Bulk email-sending services for Promotional Marketing.
  • A dedicated SMTP server is also available.
  • One-to-one support on email/skype/Whatsapp.



Hubspot is an email marketing agency that provides a wide range of services to its customers. The mass email marketing tools available with Hubspot help the clients to create and optimize their emails and there is no need for another professional to do the needful. The tools consist of already made email templates so no designers are needed to draw a template for sending emails. These templates are available in drag-and-drop editor and people just need to type the email and enter the email address to which the email is to be sent. People can also change the layout of the email and pictures can also be easily added.


  • The starting price for the services is $0
  • Attractive email templates can be created easily.
  • Pre-made templates are also available.
  • Emails can be optimized and personalized.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a very popular email marketing platform ant the agency is providing its services for the past 20 years. This agency is a good option for providing email marketing services to small businesses. The company has provided the option to its clients to create new email campaigns as and whenever it is required. Pre-optimized templates are available which users can use to send emails. Drag and drop builder is also available which users can use to customize the message. Many other things can be added to the message like images, polls, videos, coupons, polls etc. The agency also lets the clients know about the result of the campaign. The agency has launched various types of price plans and people can choose a plan as per their requirements.


  • The lowest price for the services is $240/year
  • More than 100 email templates are available.
  • Automation tools are simple to use.
  • Free trial for 60 days is available.



This is an email marketing service, which helps users to launch email campaigns. One of the features of this agency is Autofunnel, which can be used for the creation of funnels in order to increase sales. People can also arrange webinars as it is a fully automated tool. Other things that can be done with the auto funnel include exit popups, marketing automation, e-commerce integration, and many more. Companies can avail any service as per their requirement and budget.


  • Autofunnel feature is available to funnel the sales.
  • 24/7 live support available
  • Free trial for 30 days is available.
  • Price plans at entry-level also have advanced features


Mailer Lite

This is a basic email marketing service provider, which does not include extra features in its services. The agency consists of tools for automation surveys, popups, and landing pages. A drag and drop editor is available which people can use to design messages of high quality. The campaigns can be optimized


  • Starting of the premium price is $ ten while normal pricing starts at $0.
  • Free trial is also available.
  • Tools for automation are available.
  • Design high-quality messages through email editor.
  • All basic email features are available.


This is an email marketing agency that provides its mass email services at an affordable price. The company is working in the field for the past 20 years and many entrepreneurs are using the services of this company. The agency has launched many plans and all the services are available on the basis of these price plans.


  • Live chat and email support for 24/7
  • A good agency for small businesses
  • Price plans depend on the number of subscribers and features do not change whether the number is less or more.
  • The tool is simple to use

idealsmtp is an email marketing service provider that provides all its services at an affordable price. The service has provided many price plans and people can avail of the service according to their budget and requirement. The services provided by the provider include email campaigns, email marketing, bulk email services, and many more. The pricing is available in US dollars as well as in Indian rupees. So people all over the world can take the benefit of this service provider. The service provider can be contacted through phone, LiveChat, email, and Skype.


  • Pricing is available in US dollars and Indian rupees
  • Many types of services included email marketing, bulk email services, SMTP server, email, campaign services
  • Businesses can reach a large number of audiences.
  • Email messages can be easily integrated into campaign tools.


Convert Kit

This is an email agency, which is meant for those who like to have drag and drop builders. Pre-built templates are few in number. Companies who have to sell their products can use the service to launch a campaign regarding that product and service. The agency also helps the clients to make membership sites, e-commerce platforms, landing pages, and many more things. Email sales funnels are also available with the service provider, which are automated.


  • Automated email funnels can be made easily.
  • Subscribers can be personalized and tagged
  • Free trial for 14 days is available.
  • Integration can be easily made with membership sites, e-commerce platforms, and landing pages.


Mailjet is an email marketing service provider, which is used by many businesses to enhance their business. The agency has only one email marketing software, which is used by its clients to launch campaigns or send bulk emails. The agency helps the clients to provide different types of permissions to the team members. Messages can be customized with the help of drag and drop builder. The price plan of the company is based on the number of emails sent by its clients per month. The agency also provides a free plan, which helps its subscribers to send 6,000 emails per month.


  • The agency provides the facility of collaboration tools.
  • The feature of drag and drop builder is available.
  • Free plan is available in which 200 emails can be sent per day, which counts to 6,000 per month.
  • 10% discount is available for annual plans



Drip is a CRM platform and it provides email marketing services to its clients. Businesses that like to sell digital or physical products can use the services of this agency. The agency also provides tracking of the metrics, which is related to the number of purchases done by customers and the product, which is very popular among the customers. All the price plans of the agency are available for 24 hours.


  • CRM facility available for all the e-commerce stores
  • Free trial for 14 days is available.
  • Commerce metrics can be checked easily.
  • Users who abandoned the cart can also be easily targeted.


The agency provides the services of CRM along with email marketing. People can send dynamic content and divide their subscribers into various segments so that the emails can be sent to the target audience. Businesses can run different types of campaigns through this agency.


  • There is a possibility of integration with 250+ apps.
  • Trial for 14 days is free.
  • Emails can be sent to the target audience.
  • Feature of autoresponder emails is available



This is an email marketing agency that helps startups to send emails to their customers and grow their businesses. The agency provides free services if its clients send less than 2,000 emails to their customers. It will help the startups to grow. After they have grown enough, they can take the paid services of MailChimp.


  • Customer support is available 24/7
  • No charges for less than 2,000 subscribers
  • Flexible plans for growth
  • Templates available for the goals of each message

Wrapping Up

These are some of the companies that provide email marketing services to their clients. The cost of services is affordable. Some companies also provide free services for some time so that startup companies can grow.


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