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March 23, 2018
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March 23, 2018
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Get SMTP Server for Email Marketing Services by DigitalAka

SMTP server is a web server that using for sending and receiving emails. Only one SMTP Server can send your emails to other email accounts as well as receive emails from other accounts. SMTP can help you build or improve your reputation to get your email delivered to the inbox. SMTP proactively monitors users’ anti-SPAM compliance
and helps you to comply with regulations automatically adjusts delivery parameters to avoid bounces and spam complaints. This server uses to send email in Java, PHP, c# etc.

Getting a professional outgoing (SMTP) mail server is essential when it comes to email marketing. This is something that many “experts” still don’t understand, so here’s why it’s so important:

A dedicated outgoing mail server can guarantee the best delivery rate for your emails. In fact, not any sent message is automatically a delivered one: only relying on a professional SMTP server you will be sure of it.

With a dedicated SMTP server, you can send unlimited emails: which is something you cannot do using a normal outgoing mail server, like Gmail’s or Hotmail’s.

More generally, the outgoing mail servers associated with free email providers are not suitable for bulk mailing. In short, a lot of your messages will be rejected or considered as spam, while an outgoing mail server designed for email marketing will reduce to almost zero the rate of filtered emails.

A good SMTP service for Bulk email services will also provide you with some extra tools to check the status of your email campaign, handle the bounces and the unsubscribe etc.

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