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March 23, 2018
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March 23, 2018
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Best Practices for Effective Email Subject Lines

Best Practices for Effective Headlines

Some things which are required in the email subject line to make it effective is that it should be short and attractive. Another there should be a reason provided for the reader through which they can open your email. Open rates can’t be increased through cheap or pretentious phrases. Many people ignore emails which have irrelevant email subject line.

Create effective subject lines through the following ways which are given below:

Avoid sales or overused words:–

Many individuals know the words like “free” that trigger their email as spam. There are many other words that are used by the user in their email subject line like “help” or “reminder”. These words do not trigger your email as spam but many of the subscribers ignore mail containing such type of words.

Include localization:–

Open rates can be improved by putting the first or last name of recipients while sending an email.DigitalAka suggests that providing the city name is far better after the research.

Use different subject lines:–

There must be a different subject line through which everyone can imagine about the content inside the mail if repeated lines are used the subscriber may not open your campaign.

Keep subject lines short:–

To take the attention of the subscriber the subject line should not be more than 50 characters. Most subscribers see the subject line and decide that an email has to open or not.

Tone down email promotions:–

There should be no promotional words include in the subject line, this will not increase the open rates. Subject lines must be framed as questions type to make it effective.


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