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March 22, 2018
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March 22, 2018
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Need of Email Marketing Services in India

Email Marketing Services India is leveraging the power of email to reach the customers and increasing sales or traffic. Email marketing is till date the most reliable source of internet marketing as it has the record of the highest ROI. The most effective way of hooking customers is to send them newsletters about their new projects, discount etc. It helps them keep up to date about all your company’s special and useful news. You can send this newsletter as frequently as you want.

But it is very important to be consistent that is eventually going to play a key role in the number of customers you will be able to attract. You should give the customers a reason to receive your newsletter, open them and read them. And the easiest way to do that is by including discount code or coupons. It not only gives the customer an incentive to receive the newsletter but also purchases more. It is a great form of advertising and a great way to keep in contact with your customer.

Challenges of email marketing

Increasing customer with limited list available.

Increasing the company’s visibility on WWW and engaging customer on social media program via emails is a taxing task.

Multivariate Tests – Carrying different tests at regular intervals to test customer demands and inclination towards your company and get better engagement and conversions is another task.

Creating Content – Creating enticing and readable content regularly for long emails is another challenge.

Not being Monotonous– Continuously evolving content to suit the needs and moods of the customer is what this challenge comprises of.

Augmenting Online marketing Consequences– It is the biggest challenge of email marketing.

Spam–  If the emails are constructed in the wrong way there is the full probability that they will go in the junk mail. Usage of any wrong word can land your mail in the spam folder of the customer depending on his email settings.

Privacy– The customer needs to give a yes to the newsletter by signing up for it.

Blocking– If you send massive emails as spam and them privacy then the server might block you and you may no longer have the privilege.

Throttling– Consider sending the emails randomly and at the different time if you send them all one at a time than it might lead to blocking again.

Opt-Out– this facility needs to be provided by you to allow users opt-out from receiving newsletters, Put Unsubscribe option.

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