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March 23, 2018
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March 23, 2018
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Online Leading Email Marketing Service Provider in India

DigitalAka offer and customizes enterprise Email Service Provider (ESP) solutions. We provide specific technology facility that makes initiative ESPs attain at their peak.

Our customers comprise e-commerce, small firm, large associations and consumer electronics companies that want innovative email technologies and tactics to drive significance and better return on investment.

We provide to our customers with skilled end-to-end promotion services including approach, administration, instruction, and inventive techniques. Services collective with our expert support our customers to make and provide the most operative email marketing Services.

Bulk Email Marketing Services is a method to reach your customers where they are without an investment of a lot of money.

How Bulk Email Marketing Services Helps Your Business Growth

  • Establish trustworthy association between clients and business.
  • Provide great promotion at the low cost.
  • Sends emails in a personalized manner to all our respected customers.
  • Reach to the various clients at one time and inform them of any ongoing advertising profits.

How can you boost your business with email marketing schemes:

Newsletters– Aware our clients about ongoing advertisings, discounts and superior proposals in one click using our bulk email marketing newsletters.

Qualitative Reports– Track all sent emails and reverts to them using our premium tracking possibilities.

Contact Administration– Achieve your contact list with our stress-free contact supervision feature which lets you add, introduction and classify viral contacts into groups.

Ad-Free Interface– Enjoy a competitive bulk email marketing service without being disturbed by excessive advertisements.

Why should Use Email Marketing Services?

Bulk email marketing is the contemporary tool for advertising used by various businesses to reach the mass number of audience. In the simple word, it is the most adopted way to promote a business. With the promptly increasing use of the Internet, it has become stress-free for companies to aim large addressees all at once


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