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May 28, 2016
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Why Email Marketing Preferred For Online Marketing?

What is Online Marketing?

Online Marketing is one form of advertising that is done with the help of internet. It sends messages for any particular brand or object for promotions to the consumers around the world. This has become an essential expenditure for any upcoming venture as most of the consumers can be reached through internet.

There are multiple ways of carrying out online marketing. Some of the most common ones are as follows:

  1. Display Advertising

It advertises with the help of text, images, videos, animations, logo etc that is displayed on the consumer screen. Moreover they are shown only to those potential buyers who are interested in their product category.

  1. Web Banner Or Poster Advertising

These types of ads are basically graphical based information displayed under the web browser. They are managed by a web central ad server. They also include clickable buttons for users who are interested in their advertisement.

  1. Social Media Marketing

This type of marketing is carried out mainly on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

  1. Mobile Advertising

This is the same online advertisements sent to the user via wireless mobile instruments like androids, iphones, ipadsetc

  1. Email advertising

This type of marketing is very common. Also is known as “Bulk Email services”. There are many agencies dealing with bulk emails. They have software with the help of which they design an interactive email advertisement and send a copy to all its consumers in lakhs of numbers together by just one click. Moreover they manage separate databases based on country and interests. Hence a particular email is sent to only that consumer who has showed interest in past or even currently in that field.

Why bulk email marketing in India is so popular and helpful?

It is the most approachable way today for any company to directly get in touch with their customers. First thing in the morning most of us do is to check our mobile phones. We see the notifications from whatsapp, email accounts and other apps on one view. Hence this is the fastest communication way of advertising. Bulk Email Messaging also is a cheaper in compared to other online marketing solutions. In India, it works simply on the minimum cost of say example: $25 for around 20000 emails. Also email marketing campaigns help the start ups and small businesses to avoid the cost of printing, paper, designing etc and makes their marketing campaign cost effective with more consumer receptivity.


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